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Website Hosting

Host your very own website with low latency high powered hosting servers ready to get going in minutes.

Starting @: £4.95/mo


Game Server Hosting

Get your very own game server and create your own community in minutes with premium servers for budget prices.

Starting @: £0.99/mo


VPS Hosting

Get your very own full access VM to build play around and rebuild to start your next big project.

Starting @: £4.95/mo

Discord Bot Hosting

Host your very own discord bots with low latency, powerful and fast servers giving you the responsiveness you need.

Starting @: £0.99/mo

Dedicated Hosting

Get dedicated hardware for those power hungry services that need to be online and responsive when it matters most.

Starting @: £64.95/mo

FTP Storage

Get the cheapest simple FTP storage on the market with the same availability and speed of more expensive hosting services!

Starting @: £6.95/TB

Add-ons to suit your every need

  • Dedicated IP Address

    Get rid of those messy ports and get a straight forward and simple joining process with your own Dedicated IP.

  • Server Migration

    Worry no longer about how you'll move everything over from your old host, let us do all the hard work.

  • Additional Storage

    Get extra storage capacity for when that one player decides to create something just a bit too large.


Dedicated IP Address

£6. 95 /mo

Available At Checkout

£2.49 One-Time Setup Fee


Server Migration

£13. 95

Available At Checkout

One Time Purchase


15GB Additional Storage

£2. 25 /mo

£1.99 One-Time Setup Fee


100GB Additional Storage

£15. 00 /mo

£0.75 One-Time Setup Fee


1TB Additional Storage

£150. 00 /mo

Secure connections & secure servers equal a secure and reliable service

  • Dedicated

    Dedicated network connections to
    ensure low latency connections.

  • Advanced

    All servers are monitored 24/7/365
    for threats and attacks.

  • Secure Data

    All daily backups are encrypted to
    ensure security of customer data.

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Premium support options
for support by Phone or
email 24 hours a day 7
days a week

We offer our customers with business critical applications to upgrade to premium support to get access to phone or email support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Chat with us

  • E-Mail us

  • Call us

Standard support is available to all customers Mon-Fri 9:00-5:30 BST

Frequently asked questions

The answers to questions we get asked the most frequently

The main different between standard and premium support is the response time, with standard support you can expect a response within 48 hours given that there are not more premium tickets that take priority. With premium support you can expect a response within 8 hours of clicking that send button, with premium support our team is also happy to help troubleshoot issues you're having with your game servers not just issues with the server your game server is running on.

This most common reason for this is that a custom JAR file was uploaded but the JAR file in your settings was not changed. Simply head over to the tab labelled "Startup" and verify that the Server Jar File matches the name of the JAR file you're trying to start your server with.

Yes! All of our Linux VMs come with full root access, Windows VMs come with full Administrator access too.

All Windows VMs come by default with an evaluation license, we are not responsible for licensing VPS servers.
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